Russia has been one of the top destinations for MBBS in Russia for Indian students for more than a decade now. Standing at the prominent 8th position in the world in terms of the quality of medical education, Russia has been home to thousands of Indian MBBS students who are working as renowned and well-established doctors today.

As India and Russia share a cordial and friendly relationship, the government of the Russian Federation offers subsidized medical education to Indian students. The affordability of MBBS in Russia encourages many Indian medical aspirants to pursue their dreams in this largest country in the world which is home to more than 25 top medical universities around the globe.

The most famous well known decision for abroad schooling among Indians, russia flaunts the most adaptable school system on the planet. Course educational plan is tuned to the then current conditions consistently. The nation offers every one of the courses that one can imagine and satisfies the name, ‘place that is known for open doors’, given its size, market and worth.